This integration uses Zapier. If you are familiar with Zapier, feel free to use the links and content below to build your own integration. Not familiar with Zapier? Don't worry. Here are details on how the Sisu team can set up the integration for you, using our own accounts.

A lot of the data that you're looking to track in Sisu can be found in your CRM. 

However, your CRM is focussed on managing the relationship with your thousands of leads in your system—which is a massive task that requires TONS of effort, and sometimes it's difficult to do the kind of sales coaching/reporting that is offered in Sisu. 

The strategy is that once a lead is "hot", or essentially they are ready to buy/sell and have accepted an appointment with your team, you'll send them into Sisu via integration. This pulls over all the available information from your CRM and populates it in Sisu. Specifically:

  • Client first name
  • Client last name
  • Client address (if available)
  • Client state, postal code
  • Lead source (very important)
  • Any information on price/estimated volume of the transaction that is available

In this way, your agents will have all of the data available for them when they go to start tracking appointments, signed clients, clients under contract, and closed deals in Sisu. 

This quick video explains how it works!

NOTE: You'll need to use the link below to gain access to Sisu's Zapier app. If you click the link and hit "accept invite" and it is still not showing for you, try logging in and out of your Zapier account and clearing your browser cache.

IMPORTANT: Instead of using the Zapier app 1.01, as shown in the video, use the newly released 1.02. In the "GUID" Field of step 3, instead of using "generic" you will be able to select "Sierra Interactive" 

IMPORTANT: Due to changes with the integration, at minute 7:25, use the clients email followed by "s" for sellers or followed by "b" for buyers instead of the ID that is shown in the video. This will be your unique identifier. 

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