UPDATE: As of September 2019, we are working with RealSynch to deliver the most powerful Follow Up Boss integration on the market. 

In addition to the items outlined below, the synch will pull your calls, dials, texts, appointments, and deal information directly from FUB in real time. Check out the video to see how it works.

A lot of the data that you're looking to track in Sisu can be found in your CRM. 

However, your CRM is focussed on managing the relationship with your thousands of leads in your system—which is a massive task that requires TONS of effort, and sometimes it's difficult to do the kind of sales coaching/reporting that is offered in Sisu. 

The strategy is that once a lead is "hot", or essentially they are ready to buy/sell and have accepted an appointment with your team, you'll send them into Sisu via integration. This pulls over all the available information from your CRM and populates it in Sisu. Specifically:

  • Client first name
  • Client last name
  • Client address (if available)
  • Client state, postal code
  • Lead source (very important)
  • Any information on price/estimated volume of the transaction that is available

Get signed up at RealSynch.com to get your integration up and running today. It's extremely simple, as outlined in the video below!

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