This KB explains the steps for setting up a synch from Boomtown! to Sisu using one of our data sharing partners; Real Synch. If you do not already have an account with RealSynch, please contact them to get your account.

The synch will automatically log dials, contacts and appointments in your Sisu account.


Configure your Boomtown to Sisu synch using these steps From the Real Synch dashboard.

  1. Login to your Real Sync account.
  2. Click Add Synch 
  3. Click the Boomtown! icon.
  4. Click the Sisu icon;
  5. Click the Connect button beneath Boomtown > Click Verify > Login to Boomtown on the page presented, and grant access
  6. Click Connect button beneath Sisu > Fill in your Team Name and Token > Click Verify
  7. Both Source and Target connections should now display as Verified (green outline) > Click Next
  8. Click Target Options > Click Filters > Select the Categories you want to use to Trigger creation of a client in Sisu. >Click Save.
  9. Click Activate button


Your synch is now active and will start reporting to Sisu on any new dials, contacts, and appointments created in Boomtown!.

--PLEASE-- Read the important info below to understand how the synch works.

  • This synch requires Boomtown! and Sisu user logins email addresses to match between systems.  
  • To synch a Contact in Boomtown to Sisu, move the Contact into one of the Categories you selected in step 8 above.  
  • To Track an Appointment in Sisu, Create a ToDo in Boomtown! and set the Type = Meeting  
  • To update Client status in Sisu change the Boomtown Category
  • The following rules apply to synching Boomtown Status to Sisu;

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