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Setting Up Notifications for Your Team

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Integrating Team Notifications with a Slack Channel

  1. Go to

  2. In the search bar, type in incoming webhooks, and then select the option when it appears.

  3. Click Add to Slack.

    Note: If you're not logged in, the button will prompt you to log in first.

  4. Click the Choose a channel... drop-down, and select the channel where you want notifications posted.

  5. Click Add Incoming WebHooks Integration.

  6. Copy the WebHook URL. Now we're going to go over to Sisu to paste it in the WebHook URL field.

  7. Log into Sisu.

  8. Go to Admin > Integration Hub.

  9. Click the Slack tile.

  10. Paste the WebHook URL into the WebHook URL field and click Update.

  11. Use the chat bubble to ask a member of our Customer Success team to enable your Slack integration.

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