Welcome to Sisu! We are SO glad to have you. Very soon you’ll feel like you’re glad to have us too. 🙂 

 Since you’re here, we can already tell you’re dedicated and ready to take control of your business and become the best out there. We can’t wait to help you achieve and surpass your goals time and time again. 

Now, it’s time to set those goals! Our team has been hard at work and written some amazing step-by-step articles to help you through the entire process.


First thing you’ll want to do is get your team on board. It’s important to get everyone set up so that they can start seeing their hard work transform. Next, you’ll need to import the data you already have from your agents so that we can get our system up to date with how you’ve been doing and you can get a good idea of what goals you need to set to improve your current position.

Learn how to import your team into our system here: 

Learn how to set your team’s goals here:


Whether you're a part of a team or an individual agent, you'll want to check out this article to help you set your goals. Tell us where you want to be, and we’ll help you get there.

Now that you’ve got your goals figured out, you're ready to start tracking! Remember, if it didn’t happen on Sisu, it didn’t happen.

Our mobile app is going to be your best friend. With a quick touch, we’ve made it easy to record your data as you go and keep yourself organized. 📊

(NOTE: This ☝️ is a critical article for you and your team. Make sure they run over this in depth and understand how to track their activities)

The power is in your hands. Push yourself daily to meet your goals and stay accountable to the numbers you have set. 

Have more questions about how to navigate Sisu and make the best of your time here? Be sure to check out our other KB articles that break down each process.


Once you've got the basics handled, you can take it a step further and really watch your team explode.

Create a challenge where your team can compete against each other and win a prize 🏆 for being the top competitor.

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