(Note - if you simply want to add them by hand, here is how to do that.)

Importing Agents

If you have a lot of agents or users on your team(s), download this spreadsheet, and complete as much information you have for your users.  Then, open a chat with us (or open the existing chat you already have talking about your import) in our chat widget (lower right of screen) and send us the file in there and we will import it into your Sisu platform.

The required fields are First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Phone Number, whether the User is Active (currently in your brokerage/team) or Inactive (formerly on you team/brokerage - but we still import the historical transactions). These fields are designated required in the spreadsheet with an asterisk. 


When users are imported, they will be added as Inactive users. If some of them are users who will be logging into Sisu, check the Inactive users first in Admin > Users and activate them (vs creating a new user for them which won't be associated to any existing transactions):

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