It's going to be hard to hit your goals in Sisu alone... so, bring your whole team on board!

You can add teammates to Sisu from the desktop platform.

Adding Agents

Login and select "Admin" from the top menu. You'll get a drop down, select "Agents".Β 

From there, you'll be able to add a new agent as well as set their baseline goals (more on setting team/agent goals here)

Importing Agents

If you have a lot of agents or users on your team(s), feel free to provide to download this spreadsheet, complete as much information you have for your users and email us back, or chat it to us and we will import the information to your Sisu Team platform.

The required fields are First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Phone Number. These fields are designated required in the spreadsheet with an asterisk.Β 

Sisu Team allows for users to be associated to multiple teams. For example, if you want dashboards and displays for agents in separate geographic locations, and the brokerage owner to view both team locations just designate the multiple teams that the user is associated;Β 

  • Brokerage Owner: Team1 = Smith Real Estate Adminstration, Team2 = Location 1 Team Name, Team3 = Location2 Team Name
  • Agent in Location 1: Team1 = Location1 Team Name
  • Agent in Location 2: Team1 = Location2 Team Name

If you do not want to have multiple teams, then use only one Team1 designation.

Monthly and Annual Agent Goals
We can also import your agents' annual goals and monthly goals.
If you prefer to have your agents update their own Annual and Monthly Goals in the Sisu mobile app, have them check out this KB article.

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